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Smart Honey Services

Want to optimise your honey to get more $ per kilo? We show you how.

Buyers of pure New Zealand honey have exacting requirements for good reason. They want the best, genuine New Zealand bulk honey money can buy. We help beekeepers optimise raw and processed honey product to get more return per kilo. Scientific sampling, fixing fermented honey drums, filtering, thermalising and reducing moisture - we make it simple and easy so you can get back to beekeeping.

Scientific honey drum sampling - traceability, authenticity, proof

Buyers of bulk New Zealand honey want genuine proof their purchase is pure and authentic. Taking the time to get your honey tested is vital, especially with complex requirements in place for exporting New Zealand honey. We prepare and send drum samples to our preferred testing facility, New Zealand market leader in honey testing Analytica, so you don’t have to. Testing for C4 sugars, pollen counts, MPI Mānuka chemical markers and much more. We report back to beekeepers promptly, handling all the administration. We also use these statistics to attract buyers to choose your honey blend. Find out if your honey blend is in demand today. Give us a call.

Fermented honey drum handling

No more swollen drums! Mānuka Orchard’s bespoke New Zealand designed machinery safely releases the excess pressure from fermented honey drums quick smart. A safe, clean, zero-spill process, we know you’ll be pleased with the result. Call us now to find out timing and prices.

Honey moisture reduction and honey thermalising

Improve appearance, consistency and taste of bulk honey with thorough filtering and moisture reduction (aka honey drying). We take care of drum transfer in and out of our secure storage facility, plus there is no hidden costs. How can we tailor this service to your needs? Give us a call to chat it through now.

Mānuka honey MGO* enhanced storage

Grow the value of your New Zealand Mānuka honey asset within our temperature controlled environment. We keep a watchful eye on your Mānuka honey, with fortnightly monitoring to ensure you’re adding value and MGO (methylglyoxal) potency. Rest assured, we’re well-equipped on site to promptly respond to any changes in the state of your Mānuka honey, rectifying, notifying and promptly dealing with your assets in the best way. 


*MGO is a trusted Mānuka honey grading system, measuring MGO (methylglyoxal) content. With a wide variation in MGO levels available, we recommend Mānuka honey drum sampling to authenticate your Mānuka levels, their quality and origin. Contact us to find out more.

Ultra-low HMF* filtering process

Honey quality is our first priority. If the honey requires further filtration before sale then rest assured with less than two points of HMF added during filtration or processing before returning your honey to bulk storage, our ultra-low HMF filtering process is first class. The team at Mānuka Orchard ensures your honey quality is never compromised while being processed. 

*HMF (Hydroxymethylfurfural) is a product of fructose, a key sugar in honey. It is created gradually during honey storage and at a faster pace when honey is heated.

Drum pallets for sale

Built to your requirements, our standard drum pallets are 1200x1200 with four 100mm bearers. Designed and built with the support in all the right places to ensure your valuable asset is not compromised in transport or storage. Get in touch to find out more. 

$ Kilo
Drum pallets
Facing a honey challenge nobody can fix?

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