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Tired of ringing around potential buyers to offload excess bulk, raw and processed honey?

We’re looking for quality beekeepers New Zealand-wide to add to our growing list of honey sellers. We’ll connect you with local and international bulk honey buyers for an easy, transparent, worry-free transaction.

How does the centralised honey storage facility work?

We sell on behalf of beekeepers - any honey stored with us is still owned by you. We take the hassle out of connecting with buyers here and overseas; handling drum sampling, the sale, shipping and payment. Then we pass your profits promptly back to you. We’re confident you’ll make more money per kilo of honey than if you go it alone. We ensure your quality honey is used in sought-after blends, and matches buyers’ exacting quality control standards. Sold?


Register your honey with Mānuka Orchard.

Who do we want to hear from?

From backyard beekeepers to commercial operators, we sell honey on behalf of all New Zealand beekeepers wanting to sell in bulk rather than by the pot. 


We’re keen to talk to honey sellers producing a bucket of honey to hundreds of drums. Whether you’re a beekeeper with years of experience or new and keen to improve and expand your beekeeping knowledge and sales, we’d love to help you out.


Get in touch or register now.

What kind of honey are we looking for?

Absolutely any kind of genuine, pure New Zealand honey including: Monofloral Mānuka, Multi Floral Mānuka, Kanuka, Bush, Non-Mānuka, Rewarewa, Kamahi, Beechwood Honeydew, Wild Flower, Lavender, Clover, Rata, Tawari, Pohutukawa, Thyme, from any New Zealand region, in any volume from one bucket to hundreds of drums.

Smarter honey storage

We store your valuable asset in a scientifically monitored, professional storage facility where it’s nurtured and cared for until it reaches its full potential.

Discover how we can help you sell your honey even faster. Located in a centralised location, our Bay of Plenty storage space is secure, tailored to store honey and close to the Port of Tauranga for easy distribution.

Sell your honey smarter and faster

To help you sell your honey in a better condition to appeal to strict buyer standards, we offer a range of Smart Honey Services to optimise your honey products, including moisture reduction (honey drying), honey thermalising, drum sampling, filtering, fermented drum handling, Mānuka honey enhancing storage and more.

Who are we?


Mānuka Orchard is owned by Bay of Plenty honey experts Logan and Tania Bowyer. Independent, experienced and on a mission to support New Zealand beekeepers sell their raw and processed honey for a greater profit, they offer safe, professional storage facilities and a range of Smart Honey Services to optimise your honey product. Plus they can sell your honey to keen bulk honey buyers - and they do all the admin!


Find out more about Mānuka Orchard or register your honey now.

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