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Mānuka Orchard is a specialist, New Zealand honey storage facility, selling all volumes of genuine raw and processed bulk honey on behalf of quality New Zealand beekeepers.

Our beekeepers run professional, reliable, commercial and non-commercial honey businesses throughout New Zealand, drawing on nature’s best to provide you with pure, great tasting honey varieties.


Whether you’re searching for Monofloral Mānuka, Multi Floral Mānuka, Kanuka, Bush or non-Mānuka, we have it all. If you’re on the hunt for New Zealand Rewarewa honey, Kamahi, Beechwood Honeydew, Wild Flower, Lavender, Clover, Rata, Tawari, Pohutukawa or Thyme honey, we stock or can source honey varieties from any New Zealand region, in any volume, from one bucket to hundreds of drums. 

What are the benefits of using Mānuka Orchard?

Clean, quality, genuine New Zealand honey


No fake honey! No bogus additives! No imitation sugars! Our New Zealand-only sourced honey can be traced back to its original gathering site, giving you the confidence you’re purchasing authentic, pure bulk honey without additives.


Every honey drum at Mānuka Orchard is scientifically sampled so you’re guaranteed to receive the blend, flavour, specific region, pollen indicators and Mānuka markers you ordered.


Register your interest now.

Connecting you to authentic New Zealand honey sellers

We’ll connect you with quality, New Zealand bulk honey sellers for an easy, transparent, worry-free transaction. Because we’re a one-stop-shop for bulk honey sales, we handle the sales, shipping, administration and payment - bridging the gap between seller and buyer with ease.

Contact us now to find out more or register now.

How the Mānuka Orchard honey centralised storage facility works:
  1. Beekeepers from throughout New Zealand register their available pure, raw and processed honey supplies with Manuka Orchard. From 10 kilos to hundreds of tonnes, we have the ability to safely and scientifically stock any volume of bulk honey in our professional storage facility.

  2. We safely hold the beekeepers’ valuable product at our quality storage facility, optimising it for sale.

  3. Every drum of honey is sampled and scientifically tested to reveal all its delicious secrets and the data is captured for analysis to determine the most beneficial course of action.

  4. Buyers register interest in bulk honey here.

  5. Once buyers register, they enjoy quick, easy online access to a catalogue of honey where they can find the exact quality, volumes, flavour and blends they need at a competitive price.

  6. Our expert team matches beekeeper to buyer.

  7. Beekeepers sell, buyers buy, everybody’s happy!

Who are we?

Mānuka Orchard is owned by Bay of Plenty honey experts Logan and Tania Bowyer. Independent and with years of experience working in the manufacturing and engineering processes around honey storage and sales, they offer a wealth of knowledge. Their proven range of Smart Honey Services helps beekeepers optimise pure honey products so they’re ready for immediate use. Also owners of Mānuka Engineering, a Kiwi company that designs, installs and manages innovative machinery for honey extraction, processing and packing facilities, Logan and Tania are big supporters of the New Zealand bee industry.

Smart Honey Storage

Our honey is stored in a scientifically monitored, safe, smart storage facility ensuring all honey products leave our base well-presented and ready to on-sell.

Find out more about Mānuka Orchard storage and Smart Honey Services.

Where in New Zealand is Mānuka Orchard?

Located near Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, we’re conveniently close to New Zealand’s largest port, Port of Tauranga, distribution and shipping is handled easily and without delay. 

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