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About Us

Owned by Bay of Plenty honey experts Logan and Tania Bowyer, Mānuka Orchard is New Zealand’s centralised honey storage facility, helping you store, process, sell, and buy genuine New Zealand honey.

As a family business, we’re independent - and our online sales platform provides a bridge between beekeepers selling their honey and buyers searching for pure, authenticated, traceable New Zealand honey in bulk.

Our aim is to connect our growing list of quality New Zealand beekeepers with keen local and international buyers of bulk, pure New Zealand honey. We source every kind of raw and processed honey, from all parts of the country, in many blends and for use in a variety of industries locally and worldwide.
Based in the wonderful Bay of Plenty, our central, secure storage facility offers beekeepers a reliable solution for stocking and selling bulk honey safely.

Convenient, time-saving, and easy, our beekeepers store their honey under one roof and continue to own it until it’s on-sold to a happy buyer via our online sales platform


With years of experience working in the manufacturing and engineering processes around honey storage and sales, the expert team at Mānuka Orchard offers a multitude of extra Smart Honey Services with proven results to effectively optimise beekeepers’ valuable assets, making them ready to sell. 


We also own Manuka Engineering, a Kiwi company that designs, installs, and manages innovative machinery for honey extraction, processing, and packing facilities.


Seamless communication and excellent customer service are a big part of what makes us a great team. Better honey sales are just around the corner!


Give us a call today.

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