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  • How do I sell my bulk pure New Zealand honey with Mānuka Orchard?
    Register with us now to list all the details of your available honey supplies and we’ll connect you to keen bulk honey buyers in New Zealand and internationally.
  • While my bulk honey drums are stored at Mānuka Orchard, will I still own my honey? Or do you buy the honey from me?
    Your honey is owned by you throughout the storage period. When a buyer commits to purchasing your honey, we handle the administration, sales, shipping and make sure you get paid on time.
  • How do I find bulk honey buyers?
    We help buyers find you. By registering with Mānuka Orchard, you’re no longer a drop of water in a big ocean. You’ll be part of a growing list of quality honey sellers brought to the attention of bulk honey buyers here and overseas. Talk to us about how this works.
  • What kinds of honey do you accept and store at Mānuka Orchard?
    Every type of pure, authentic New Zealand honey, in any volume, from one bucket to many hundreds of drums.
  • What if I only have a few buckets of honey to sell right now?
    Great! We may have buyers looking for a specific flavour, blend or variety of honey from a particular New Zealand region and your honey will be a perfect match. We are happy to store any volume of honey from one bucket to tonnes!
  • Do you make money off my honey sales?
    Yes we take a small percentage of the sale but we strive to get you a better offer than anywhere else to begin with.
  • How and when do I get paid?
    We handle the administration, sales, distribution, shipping and hassle free payment of your sales - making sure that when the buyer pays us, you get paid without delay.
  • Do you provide Mānuka Honey enhancing storage?
    Yes! We grow the value of your New Zealand Mānuka Honey with monitored, temperature controlled storage and also offer an ultra-low HMF filtering process. Read more.
  • How can you help me optimise my honey to get more sales?
    We provide a range of proven techniques that will help you get more $ per kilo of honey. Browse our Smart Honey storage solutions and effective services to find out more.
  • What is honey moisture reduction or honey drying and how does it help?
    This is the process of removing excess water from the honey. This may be required as a result of environmental impacts during the season that could not be avoided or to enhance the flavour of your honey for a specific buyer’s requirements.
  • What do I do with fermented honey?
    We have a scientifically proven, no-spill method of releasing tension on fermented honey drums. Find out more or give us a call and we’ll solve the problem pronto.
  • I want to buy a particular blend of honey, how do I ensure I get the right blend?
    We sample honey drums with New Zealand market leader in honey testing Analytica. We can supply you with these test results for you to complete your own formulation or we can formulate for you with our software. Find out more.
  • Is the bulk raw and processed honey Mānuka Orchard sells traceable and genuine New Zealand honey?
    Absolutely! We only supply pure, genuine New Zealand honey, no imitations accepted! Plus, we authenticate by core drum sampling with reputable scientific testing laboratory Analytica and all export drums are part of the NZ government export certification system as required by law. Find out more.
  • I want a smaller amount of honey for restaurant supply, do you provide this?
    We’d love to! We have a number of smaller beekeeping outfits that supply genuine New Zealand honey varieties and blends by the bucket. Each of these beekeepers is passionate about the flavour of their unique honey. Talk to us about tailoring your order now.
  • I need more information. Can I see the full variety of bulk honey I can buy before I make a request?
    Sure can. Once you register as a bulk honey buyer, we’ll give you access to a handy online catalogue listing all the currently available honey varieties, flavours, blends and more. Register now.
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