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Need to sell
your honey?

We’re the trusted, independent honey experts helping beekeepers like you connect with local and international bulk honey buyers.


New Zealand’s first centralised storage facility - it's the fairest, easiest and most transparent way to sell pure New Zealand honey in bulk for a greater profit.

Want to buy pure New Zealand honey in bulk?

As New Zealand’s specialised, honey storage experts, we’ve got a growing list of quality beekeepers sourcing pure New Zealand honey every day. Stored and optimised by experts in a centralised, scientifically monitored location, our honey is authentic and traceable, which means you get the exact honey blend, volume and flavour you’re after.

Looking for safe, quality storage for your honey?

Secure, centralised, professional storage for your valuable honey with the option to add on extras. We specialise in honey moisture reduction, fermented drum handling, honey thermalising, filtering and drum sampling. Plus scientifically monitored, pest-free, chilled and ambient storage, super storage for hives and Mānuka honey enhancing storage.

Manuka Honey

About Us

True believers in pure
New Zealand honey,

we’re on a mission to support and promote hard-working New Zealand beekeepers country wide by connecting them to genuine bulk buyers. Find out why we created Mānuka Orchard.

“We've been storing our wet honey supers and honey drums with Logan and Tania for the past couple of seasons and have been very impressed with the quality of their operations. Logan and Tania are very professional, innovative, always looking to add value to our business and respond to our needs in a timely and efficient manner.”

Ross Mear  - Bee Ora Limited

What do I do with fermented honey?

How do I buy New Zealand honey in bulk?

We’ve got all your questions covered.

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