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Zespri, Plant & Food Research and APINZ

We were presented with an opportunity on Thursday 24 September 2020 to attend a x-industry pollination workshop. It is encouraging to see continual expansive research being done as well as connect with beekeepers who are adopting a multi-dimensional approach to "beekeeping". Many are now enjoying additional income from pollination between chasing the honey flows.

Dr Mark Goodwin extended a call to beekeepers to assist with his "Characterising NZ Honey" project which will get under way this season. It is an additional way to add value to our NZ honeys. More details, including an informational website will follow - we hope to encourage those out in the field this season to assist.

APINZ announced a 35% volume increase in exports this year with $443m in export (value) earnings versus $350 million last year. Notably, Non-Manuka sales have increased in the US and there has been an overall export surge in bulk sales.

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