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Members Open Day 2020

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Our inaugural Members Open Day had a great turnout and successfully integrated our concept of "Together We're Better" by bringing together a broad spectrum of industry associates to share information and discuss current issues. We thank the speakers greatly for their time and the sponsors for their support.

We reviewed our 18 months of growth to-date and introduced services we are adding to our Smart Service concept, which include:

- new generation dehumidifiers

- extended range of shaker capability

- 20 ton blending tank (to facilitate requests for larger batches - ease of international documentation & improved sales)

- mobile extraction and packing facilities (to convenience our members, improve freshness and cleanliness of honey)

Members were sent a questionnaire regarding vendors they would like to interact with as well as topics they were currently concerned with. The results were directly instrumental in inviting the guests we hosted on the day:

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